Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Time heals all Wounds and Can Make You A Better Painter Too!

In looking over an Ultramarine I painted the other day I compared the piece with the first miniature I painted which was also an Ultramarine.  The first mini dates back about six or seven years.  At that time I was very happy with the results and I would still say I was happy with the results.  However when looking at my most recent Ultramarine I can see the difference and where my painting style has matured.

First Ultramarine
Newest Ultramarine

My style has matured simply because the more you paint the better you become.  In addition reading through Games Workshop painting books which are not bad and scoping the explosion of information on the internet I learned more about what I was trying to do.  You probably can see the biggest change in the base of my minis.  I still don't believe in spending forever and a day on bases but I certainly don't want the base to be neglected to a sprinkling of flock and glue.  My current style shows more depth because as I learned more about my hobby I learned more about how to paint.

If you don't think your a good painter just keep painting and you will see the difference.  There is no magic solution it's just a matter of time.  Today there is more then enough sources of inspiration and instruction on how to paint on the web to keep you occupied for some time.  For me the first sign I was finding my own style was when I wondered away from Games Workshop products.  

Now I'm not saying GW doesn't have good hobby products but when you first start and have no glue how to get started GW products are naturally the first thing you use.  As you start to learn your way you become curious as to other options and through the internet you will hear plenty about those other options.  At one time I used only GW paint and brushes these days I use very little GW paint and learned about Winsor and Newton Series 7 brushes.  I mainly use Vallejo Game Color and Reaper Master Series Paints.  For certain things I use Golden Fluid Acrylics a nice paint many people don't know about.  There's nothing wrong with using GW citadel paints as long as you know there are options out there.  Use what gives you the best results.  The bottom line is with time we all get better.  The only way to become a better painter is to paint and take time to look back so you can appreciate your own growth. 


b.smoove said...

Nice one. I have to say the both the painting and the color selection look more subtle and sophisticated in the second effort.

I've just picked up a scoop of those Vallejo paints and I'm both excited and nervous in equal measures. I'm just hoping that I won't have to re-learn all my techniques and whatnot. Fingers crossed. Any tips? perhaps in future posts?

RPiazza said...

Good point I will keep that in mind for my next post

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