Sunday, July 6, 2014


Side view of my new station

Back after a short break, in the time away I did a reorg of the airbrushing station I had set up in my basement.  The upgrade consisted of a sturdy metal table, a hood, a new chair, and a new compressor.  I want to make the critical point these upgrades were done after a few years of airbrushing.  When I first started I would not have started with this kind of set up because first of all I didn’t know if I would actually enjoy airbrushing.  It would have been a really waste to start with these upgrades and find out I didn’t care for airbrushing.  In addition after having airbrushed for a few years I understood the equipment and how my practice could benefit from these upgrades.

Hood with venting, I vent down because I am not spraying toxic chemicals

The table has a shelf where I can organize essentials out of the way 

Here is my old space which was a portable plastic folding table with a tarp and my old compressor.
Below are two of the airbrushes I use.  Airbrushing itself can become an addiction much like collecting miniatures.  Each airbrush handles differently and gives a different experience.  I enjoy using different brushes in different projects.  Think of this like switching cars for a variety in the feel of the road.  Different cars give different rides, so do brushes.  In this case these Harder & Steenbecks, an Evolution and an Infinity, spray very smoothly.  In disassembly they are incredibly well engineered.  Double action gravity feed airbrushes for the most part are pretty similar from one brand to another and one model to another.  Once you take one apart and really understand how it works you’ll appreciate the subtle way parts differ from brush to brush.  Harder & Steenbeck have very elegant parts that makes reassembly of their brushes a very simple process.  They are also finicky and need to be cleaned well after use.

The evolution I use for general work the Infinity for details

Parts waiting to be primed
Along with the upgrade of my airbrush space I have also tried to expand my use of the brush in miniatures.  I broke a space marine into separate components to use the airbrush for base coating, highlighting, and shading.  The results were good.  I used a brush to complete the miniature and touch up the edge highlights.  I’m happy with the end result so after painting up this test miniature I plan to use this method to complete the squad.  To use the airbrush in this technique requires a good control with the brush as you have to drop the PSI and get in close and have a soft touch on the trigger.  Airbrushes can be a great tool for miniature painters, but they are something that one should take their time with and allow them to grow into your method and wait until you can appreciate the equipment before you invest good money into the high-end items.

Completed components after painting waiting assembly

To get the highlights right on shoulder pads they need some more attention

Completed miniature

side by side of a brush painted marine from a couple of years ago and my current airbrush and brush painted marine.  I went for a darker blue but main difference for me is the highlights are more subdued on the airbrushed model.


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